Takehito Miyatake was born in Osaka, Japan in 1966, has been trying to capture mysterious lights of landscape for 30 years in Japan. Lights created by volcano explosion, fireflies’ subtle light of life are symbolizing Japanese specific mysterious culture and climate.

After Miyatake graduated Tokyo Polytechnic University where he majored vision optic at its Faculty of Photo Engineering photo Engineering in 1988, he entered photo processing equipment manufacturer, as a company photographer to test photo processing technology and to develop new product by 1994.

He was impressed the dynamic work of landscape photographer who met while he was in University, Yoshikazu Shirakawa. Miyatake started to shoot his nature photo by shooting in large format cameras during his tenure in the company. Nature of the Kii Peninsula, especially dynamic changing water figure was the first period of his work as nature photographer. 4 × 5 medium format camera enabled him to present Japanese beauty of water. The company he worked for located at Kii Peninsula. The vent was the grace for his experience.

He decided to return home town Tokushima in Shikoku Island. He realized that he should take real Japanese landscape scene in staying the place, and being with target years. He was fascinated by the beautiful and dynamic rivers in Shikoku.

In 2009, he encountered astonishing scene on eruption of active volcano, Sakura-jima. He was impressed with radical and almost violent brilliant color of eruption and thunder lights. Miyatake also started to take a video for the capture fire of volcano. His work with both digital video and still shots moves him from local photographer to globally known photographer as of Sakura-jima shots.

He is aggressively trying to shoot Japanese way of thinking towards life especially after March 11, 2011, East Japan earthquake. So many tragic natural calamities Japanese are experienced. Still they are willing to stay in this fragile country.

This radical instability shall create richness of pure spring water, subtle and beautiful creature of fireflies and many kinds of noctilucas in this nature.